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March 4 Announcement

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 4 Announcement

Journal Staff Report

The Board of Directors of Calvary of Albuquerque has announced the addition of a new member. Michael Rosenblum was voted in unanimously at the Thursday, March 2, 2006 meeting. Rosenblum, an Albuquerque resident, joins John Fidel, Paul Scozzafava, Gino Geraci, Paul Saber, Skip Heitzig and Paul Ries on the church board.

After that meeting the board and the Pastoral staff was presented with an ultimatum by (a) small group that demanded the resignations of three board members. The questions raised in this presentation will be addressed in writing because of the many false accusations and missstatements contained within their statement.

Additionally, the leadership of Calvary observed that demands of this nature are not in keeping with the biblical steps of resolving conflict, because they include a process and not an ultimatum.

Heitzig, founding pastor of the church, also responded to recent stories by saying he will conduct an in-depth interview with the Albuquerque Journal on Monday, March 6th and that a written response will also be issued on Monday.

In addition, Heitzig said that a church meeting will be announced soon to give opportunity for discussion with the Calvary congregation in a question and answer setting.

Heitzig did respond to a story in the March 3rd edition of the Journal concerning the site of a Calvary Board of Directors meeting and his financial compensation upon leaving Albuquerque. "The hotel for the meeting was chosen by Samaritan's Purse because of death threats to Franklin Graham. I agreed to the location because of my concern for him, and to cooperate with that request for a secure location," said Heitzig.

Concerning his financial gift given by the Board of Directors, Heitzig said, "I was not in the room when this was discussed, it was a decision that the Board voted on unanimously according to the minutes."

Heitzig said all financial statements of Calvary have been subject to an annual, outside audit for the past ten years and that a public report is being prepared.

"We have always had a policy of meeting with those who are part of our church and for discussing these audited financials. I also would like to see any conflicts that exist be resolved according to biblical principles and not in a way that would be divisive to the church."

The Pastoral staff of Calvary has issued a call to prayer for the members of Calvary so a spiritual climate will exist for dealing with conflicts in grace, unity and in a way that is consistent with biblical teachings.

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