Sunday, March 12, 2006

March 2 Letter To Skip Heitzig

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 2, 2006

To: Calvary Albuquerque Brothers in Christ

From: John Ackerman; C.B. Blankenship; Tim Crume; Matthew Ellison; Matt Mossman; Paul Wilson

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for meeting with us. We will take up very little of your time this afternoon. I will address you from this prepared text. These initial comments are addressed to Skip. Everyone else in the room, please consider yourselves to be witnesses. When we are finished, this statement will be left with you.


We are here in the spirt of Nathan who confronted the pattern of sin in David's life. We are here to speak the Truth in Love.

We want to address TWO RUMORS that have circulated:

1. "This group is out to split the congregation and we have no intention of being a part of the healing process." NOT TRUE.

2. "This group is out to harm you personally and cause you reproach." NOT TRUE.

These statements are nothing more than lies.

You are a gifted teacher. We all know that to be a fact. How do we know that? Because, without exception, each one of us is a piece of fruit produced by the Spirit's use of you. All of us have grown in our relationship with our Lord.

Your course has changed over the past several years. We want you to understand that we find no fault in a course change that God dictates to you. That is an issue between you and God.

We do, however, find major fault in how you influenced this change of course for Calvary Albuquerque during the past two years. We do find major fault in the lack of accountability demonstrated by you and the Board over an extended period of time.

We seek truth, accountability and transparency in matters of the Board. This begins with disclosure and is sustained by a sound governance design and process. Checks and balances and accountability are essential. It is a process that starts with a Board comprised of primarily local members.

We propose that you simply return to your original calling. You were called to California in late 2003; you told us that from the pulpit. We were initially surprised by your impending departure and yet we were uplifted by your actions that were an extrordinary example to us all on how to respond decisively and quickly to God's instructions.

Our issues have to do with the truth, accountability and transparency at the Board level. The Board has been severely compromised and is under extreme reproach. Consequently, we propose that all non-local board members resign immediately.

Skip, it is our fervent hope that you will resign with dignity. We want you to know that you, Skip Heitzig, will always be Calvary Albuquerque's Founding Pastor. We would like nothing better than for you to enjoy the rewards of such an exalted position.

You resigned from the Calvary Albuquerque pulpit to leave for Ocean Hills Church. That is simply what we are asking for now. You were called to Ocean Hills, Skip. Follow your calling.

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